60+ Valentine’s Day Messages for Son

Son doing something special for their parents on valentine’s day is very much normal, but it is very unusual and unique when a parent does something great for their sons on this love day. Many times, parents, out of shame, can’t express their thoughts to their children. That is why here are some valentine’s day messages for their son.

Happy Valentine’s Day son

-Son, I just want you to congratulate me on this day for meeting your perfect girl on this day of love; I am really happy for you and wish you a lovely day and life ahead. Happy valentine’s day, my boy

-Your dad is so much proud that finally you have overcome all your sadness and getting ready to go out with us to have a wonderful valentine’s day; I am so much glad to see your happy face, boy, love you a lot

-Son, I am really wishing you all the best for today as today, on this day of love, you are taking out your dream girl for the very first time; I hope everything goes well with you, and you guys have all the fun

-Son, may you get to realize your love for your family today and take some time out from your busy schedule and go out with me and your mommy for a lovely dinner tonight, happy valentine’s day to you

-Son, on this auspicious day that is meant for love, I want to say that you have all my heart and you are the most precious thing of my life, I love you the most, and all my good wishes are always for you, dear

-Son, you are just phenomenal, and we are absolutely delighted to have you in our lives; a very happy valentine’s day to you, my baby boy; may you get all the happiness of the world you have always desired for

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-On this valentine’s day, I would want to make a promise to you that come what may, if you stay true to your love and the beloved persons, I will always stay by your side and will support you throughout, son

-Son, on this valentine’s day, I would like to thank you for coming into our lives because, after your arrival, the bond between your mom and me has grown much stronger; I love you to the stars and back, my lad

-Naturally, I do not say it very often, son, but today I want to confess to you that you are the most beloved person in my life, and both of my weaknesses and strength and weaknesses are you, my boy

-A very happy valentine’s day to the most energetic and flamboyant guy; I hope you get to have some exotic dates today; enjoy your day, my lad, but do not forget to do whatever that must be done with love

-Son, whenever I think of you, my thoughts get happier, and I feel very much joyful and enthusiastic; you are the ray of hope for me and also the good luck for, happy valentine’s day to you, my dear little boy

-Just know this fact on this special day that you are my love, and I love no one more than you in this entire world, and I will always stand by your side and have your whenever you will need me in life, my boy

-On this valentine’s day, I really pray from my heart to God that may you find your true love today who will love and take care of you for the rest of your life and will never leave your hand in any situation of life

-May all the forces join hands to make your day a great one so that you can enjoy your day with your lady love without any worries or touches of melancholy; happy valentine’s day to both of you, dear

-I would pray to God that may this valentine’s day help me to strengthen the bond we share and make it unbreakable forever, son you are my life, and I love you the most; may God bless you on this special day

-This would be my first and last wish for you to the God on this valentine’s day that may he protects your love and ties her with you for the rest of your life, and may you two be blessed by God forever

-Happy valentine’s day to the sunshine of my life, the day you have arrived in our life; our life has always been full of happiness and positive vibes; I feel so much elated to be your dad, love you a lot, my dear son

-I have always dreamt in my life that one day I would be able to see that pure smile on my son’s face when he will be meeting his true love in life, and miraculously, this valentine’s day is the day for me, son

-Son, would you please get ready and leave all your loneliness by your side for some moments as there is a huge surprise waiting for you from your mom and me? Let us celebrate this day of love together, boy

-Son, you might not know, but you are the biggest treasure in our lives, and we cherish every moment we spend with you, and I would love to spend this valentine’s day with you to make it more memorable, boy

-Son, a tip I would like to give you on this valentine’s day do not rush over someone in order to just to get a date for tonight, just fall for someone real, who would be by you till the end of your life, boy

-Son, I am really very glad, and it makes me teary-eyed to see my little lad grow up so fast that today on this valentine’s day, he is going to marry the love of his life, so much happy for you, my boy, congratz man

-My son, I would like to give you a piece of advice on this special day, do not just date to have fun, make this date useful to know each other and cherish every beautiful moment you spend with each other

-Happy valentine’s day to you, my boy; hoping you to meet us at the dinner; hope you will enjoy the ambiance and arrangement over there, just a small way from me and your mom to say how much we love you

-Son, you have completely changed our lives and made it into a happier one; after your arrival, all we have faced is goodness and happiness, so much love to you, my baby boy, a lovely valentine’s day to you

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-Son, seeing you every day makes me feel relaxed, and I feel like I have felt the dew drops on my face on valentine’s day. I would like to thank you for giving me another reason to live in such a good way

-Son, on this special love’s day, I would like to say that whenever you will feel heartbroken or useless in your life, just get me a call, and daddy will always have your back and never let you fall down in life, dear

-Thank you so much, son, for never giving up on me and letting me know that even I can get my share of love even after your mom’s death; you are a true gem and a genuine person; I love you a lot, my dear son

-Son, this day of love is meant for spreading love in the whole world; I would like to request you to send some love to your mom and the little orphans all over the world, a very happy valentine’s day to you, baby

-Dear lad, on this day of love, make sure to treat your lady in the best manner possible, leave no efforts to make her feel special, all she craves from you is pure love, just give her that, all the best, my boy

-Son, today I wish to see you as a man, who would go to any extent for love and would take all the responsibilities of a man towards his love and towards his family, happy valentine’s day, my boy

-Son, I have never thought in my life that you would give us so much love, and that is why on this day of love, I want to give you something special to make your day a better one, a lovely love day to you, my boy.

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