60+ Valentines’ Day Messages for Mother

For a child, a mother is the first love of him or her; she teaches her child the real meaning of love in life and makes him/her learn to grow through it. A child many times wishes to make valentine’s day very much happening for her mother. Here are some Valentine’s day messages for your mother.

Valentines’ day messages for mother

-Dear mother, you have done a lot for us, and we are really obliged to you for that, and that is why I want to dedicate this whole day to you so that we can tell you how much I love you on this day of love

-Happy valentine’s day to the precious woman on this entire earth, come what may, you will always be my first love, and that is why I am very much eager to take you on the date today, my beloved mother

-Dear mother, you are the one who has taught me the real importance of love and have made me realize its value, and that is why I just want to spend this entire valentine’s day with the most lovely lady, that is you

-I would want to spend the entire evening of this valentine’s day with you and dad because mom, I want the prettiest woman, that is you, to be very much happy and be filled with love on this special day

-Mommy, I know this day is very much normal and just another casual day for you, but I really want you to get ready and step out to some exotic dinner with dad, after all, it is valentine’s day, mother

-Mom, n this valentine’s day, I just want to let you know that your heart is the most beautiful one and you have got a loving spirit in yourself; I love you the most, mommy; happy valentine’s day to you

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-Happy valentine’s day mum, your wildest child misses you a lot on this day, and she is sending a heart full of love to you; you are truly the best, and this entire day of love is fully meant for you, dear

-Mommy, you are the best one out of all the moms out there in this entire universe as you have always filled me with all the love I have ever needed; I wish you a very happy valentine’s day mum

-Though you haven’t said this ever, I have always known that I am your favorite one in this whole house, so I would like to wish a smashing and lovely valentine’s day to the coolest mother on this earth

-Mommy, I, from the core of my heart, want your valentine’s day to be as happening as you are in your life, let it be filled with a lot of romance, red roses, and exquisite wine, have fun, my dear mother

-Mom, I am very much grateful to you for giving me so much love whenever I broke down and never giving up on me; happy valentine’s day to the strongest lady who never gave up her hopes on love

-Though I have never got any special occasion to tell you how I feel for you, I wanted to tell you that and today on this Valentine’s day, I have got the perfect chance to say my heart out to you

-I really cherish the way you have guided me through the chats we had at late nights and the suggestions you had given me on our coffee dates; I love you so much, my valentine, my mother

-Mom, a very happy valentine’s day to you; I feel loving you unconditionally is the easiest thing in this entire universe, and you are a true goddess to me; mom you are actually the best one to be around

-You are not just our mother but also the pillar of our whole family who holds the family strong with your endurance and love; happy valentine’s day to you, my mom, the real iron lady of our life

-Mom, you are the one who has kept our family united through the bonds you have made out of love; let us celebrate this day of love together by going out and having too much fun, happy valentine’s day

-I feel you are the best mother in this world who has taught me how to live with the values that are right and with proper dignity, happy valentine’s day to you, my girl; you are simply the most awesome one

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-Mom, I really admire the fact how you have been with dad through odds and even, and I am really looking up to that in my life as well, a very romantic and happening valentine’s day to you, my mommy

-Mommy, you are the warm rays of sun in my life whose touches makes me feel really good and happy, and I am blessed to have such a lovely lady like you in my life, a very refreshing and warm valentine’s day to you

-All my life, I have searched for true love, and finally, on this valentine’s day, I have got to understand that there is no such pure love as the love of a mother, and that is why you are my valentine this evening, mom

-Mom, you might not find this day very much special to celebrate, but for me, you and dad have always been the inspiration of love for me, and I just want you two to spend the day with full enjoyment, mom

-Dear, mom you are the most beloved one for me, and this concept of valentine’s day for me is totally dedicated to you, and I just want to spend this entire beautiful day with you to make it grander

-Mommy, I know you do not have any kind of clue about this entire thing of valentine’s day, but still, I want to wish you from the bottom of my heart because, for me the meaning of love is defined by you

-Happy valentine’s day to the coolest mom ever, I hope your day gets as colorful as the rainbow and hope dad fills your day with lots of surprises and hugs; I am so excited for you, my dear mommy

-Mom, I have always grown up searching for a true partner in my whole life, but for me, the inspiration has always been you as you have made me understand the true meaning of love and companionship, happy valentine’s day

-My valentine’s day would have been incomplete if you were absent today, you just make my days of love so complete and happy, and I love you so much for that, mommy, happy love day to you, my dear

-You are the one who has given me the knowledge of whom to love and whom to not, and you are the one who has given me the thought that love is the best feeling in this entire world, happy valentine’s day

-This valentine’s day, I just want to keep my entire day free for you, mommy, because you are the person I love the most and I can rely upon to the fullest; let us celebrate this day together with full zeal and have fun

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-Let us celebrate this valentine’s day for the sake of the sweet and salty relationship we are sharing, which is different from all other cliché love stories and is unique of all, happy valentine’s day, mommy, love you

-Happy valentine’s day to the sweetest person of my life, I might have a lot of people to hang out with on this day, but you will always remain the constant one in my life with whom I can spend my whole life

-Mommy, thank you for not only being my mother but also giving the best effort to be my best friend and the only true love of my life. May God gives you the best blessing to you on this Valentine’s day

-I have found this valentine’s day as the perfect occasion to thank you from the core of my heart for making my every day as special as valentine’s day. Sending love to you on this day of love, mom

-Happy valentine’s day to the iron lady who stayed by my side in every situation of mine, whether I was sad or happy, lonely or in groups; you have never failed to hold my hands and show me the right way in life, mom

-Mommy, wishing you a lovely valentine’s day; I just want to let you know that you are even sweeter than the honey, and I just want to rejoice in the profound love you have successfully provided me in life

-Mommy, the caring nature you have makes people love you more and more, and I am really lucky to be your daughter. Wishing you a very happy and joyous valentine’s day on behalf of everyone in the family.

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