60+ Valentine’s Day Messages for Father

Though valentine’s day is meant for couples, who are in love, a father and daughter duo can also celebrate the day in their own way and style. That actually adds more dimensions and flavors to the day and clearly defines all the meanings of love. Here are some Valentine’s day messages for father.

Here are Valentine’s day messages for father

-This day is not special for me as everyone else in this world; this day is special to me as I get the opportunity to express my gratitude and love to you for giving me so much love throughout my life, dad

-Dear daddy, I do not need any kind of prince charming in my life to hang out with on this special day as I have you as the best man of my life to give me great company on this magnificent day, my dear father

-Daddy, you have always been my hero; you have again proved it to me by hanging with me and by killing my boredom and protecting me from all the evil eyes on this wonderful day; I love you so much, dad, for this

-I really feel that this day is meant to celebrate with people whom you love the most, and trust me that I have never loved someone like you in my entire life; this day is totally dedicated to you, my dear daddy

-On this day, I would like to thank you, daddy, and would like to give you my red heart for always filling my heart with love and for letting hatred get inside my heart, not for once in my life; happy valentine’s day

-As I have grown up, I have learned that this day is totally meant for love, and deep down inside my heart, I know this fact that there is no one in the entire world as lovable as you to me, much love to you, daddy

-Daddy, when I have you by my side to spend the rest of the day, I would never choose any other guy to be with since you are sincerely the best man in my life; I love you to the moon and back, my dear daddy

-Though I have a boyfriend still, I would like to spend this wonderful day with you, dad, as you are the very first man in my life, and I love and trust you the most, have a happy valentine’s day, father

-I would surely shout this out to the rest of the world that the one person I need beside me on this valentine’s day is you, dad, because nobody can take your place in my life, and I would like to spend the day with you

-Many valentine’s day has come and gone, but one thing that remained constant is that me going for dinner with you, daddy; I believe that daughter and father’s duo is the best duo in this whole world

-Happy valentine’s day to the most important man of my life; I hope you get to have the best out of this day and get to enjoy this day with your beloved ones; I am always with you and love you very much, dad

-Happy Valentine’s day to the most trustworthy person of my life, dad you do not even have any kind of clue how much you have done for me, and I will always be grateful for that; enjoy your day with mom

-On this beautiful and lovely day, may all the wishes you have wished for you and mom come true, and may you get to fulfill all your hidden desires today; I wish you a wonderful day ahead, love you, dad

-May this valentine’s day be the most romantic one in your life. May you get some extra time for today to spend some quality time with mom, and may your day be filled with colors of love, my dear daddy

-May this valentine’s day gives you the real redness of life, may all your loved ones be by your side, and I promise you, dad, I will definitely try to give you an adequate amount of time on this day; love you

-This valentine’s day is not just a mere valentine’s day for me, but this one is way more special for me than the previous ones as today I am getting the privilege to spend the evening with you, dad; I am glad for that

-May all the touches of melancholy and miseries get washed away from your life today, and you get to enjoy the ultimate essence of love in the arms of your beloved, that is my mom, enjoy your day to the fullest, dad

-May all the hardships that have come into your way of being together or spending some time with each other go out of your way today and paves you the way to the ultimate happiness; cheers to you, dad

-May this valentine’s day proves to be the most fruitful one for you and mom as you have been planning to do something interesting for a very long time. May you get to see the best colors of love together today

-I hope this day, like valentine’s day, comes to your life many times a year so that you can cherish your beautiful moments with your loved ones, get some time to relax, and some beautiful scopes to celebrate love

-Dad, trust me, this year I am very much eager to spend my valentine’s day with you as this will be my last year celebrating my valentine’s day with you before my wedding; I hope you will be by my side, daddy

-Daddy, your little princess, might have grown up, but you must know that she still loves spending her valentine’s day with you, eating the snacks made by you, drinking the wine together, and listening to soft music

-Valentine’s day is just an occasion and a scope for me to talk to you some more, discuss some nostalgic memories with you, and have the dishes cooked by you and mom; I love those in real, my dear daddy

-On this valentine’s day, I may not have a boyfriend to go out with, but I am really happy that I have you, my dad, to enjoy the evening with fun games and good food to enjoy; I thank god for this day

-You might find it really hard to trust dad, but your little girl still loves to spend her valentine’s day with her dad rather than with her friends and boyfriends; the love you give to me nobody ever could give me that

-Trust me, daddy, I never find it exciting and interesting if I spend this special day with anybody other than you as you have this day so much entertaining for me with your love and care and funny jokes

-Daddy, how much do you insist I would not go out on this day without you because it is not an obligation but my choice to go out with you? I would definitely love to grab a good coffee with my dad today

-I am definitely too much happy today to see you excel at such a marvelous rate, and I think this valentine’s day would be the perfect day to celebrate your achievement, as you are the most beloved for me, dad

-I have never thought in my life that I would ever get a dad like you who would be able to be frank to me as my friend and give me company even on this valentine’s day after my bad break up; love you, daddy

-Dad, though it is not a conventional thing to go out with your dad on valentine’s day, I would say that I am carrying a thought the day of love should be celebrated with the closest one, and for me, it is you

-I know, dad, you will be too busy with your work on valentine’s day, but I would like to give you the reminder that your daughter needs some good time from you and wants to eat a cake baked by you

-I know I might sound boring if I refuse to go and hang out with my friends on this day but trust me, daddy, I am most comfortable in watching my favorite tv show with you on this day; I love you, dad

-I might not be with you and mom on this day, but I promise next year I will not miss the chance to be with both of you on this valentine’s day as you two are the loveliest ones for me; I miss you, dad

-I may not be by your side on this day, but all my good wishes are with you, and I just want to say go to some romantic places with mom and click some good pictures together, send them to me so that I can smile

-For me, valentine’s day is meant to be celebrated somewhere which is your happy place, and for me, the most comfortable and ecstatic place on this earth is your lap daddy; I wish to spend the day resting here

-Daddy, I might miss spending Christmas together, but it is my word to you that I will definitely make up to valentine’s day with you; I promise to be beside you in the home on that day, my dear father

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