10 Tips to Raise Well behaved better Boys

How to raise better boys

It’s a general belief that handling girls is easier than monitoring and raising boys. From an infant stage, boys tend to be naughtier, restless, and cranky. Once they hit teenage, the task gets riskier as they get attracted to new things which can be drugs and other toxic items.

You can neither curb their freedom not leave them free. It’s important to exercise your power to still keep him under your shell especially when he’s not ready to take his own decisions. 

What are the key characteristics that categorize well raised or better-raised boys?

  • Social skills
  • Integrity
  • Respectful towards women
  • Empathy
  • Assertive and curious
  • Confident
  • Humility 
  • Responsible

How to Raise such well behaved better boys?

There are boys who are highly respectful, well behaved, and responsible. Likewise, there are boys who are argumentative, arrogant, and fickle. It is challenging, yet crucial to give good upbringing to your son so that in future he doesn’t boil your blood and create a chaotic atmosphere. 

Let him be the blood and flesh boy

Don’t aim to raise a macho boy who takes pride in his masculinity. You need to treat him like a human being who has emotions and wisdom. Muscle power superiority doesn’t prove your boy to be the best in town.

He needs to learn to speculate another person’s emotions and act accordingly. Let them make mistakes and admit them to avoid repeating them again. 

Teach them Empathy

Your boy may be rough and rigid but you need to inculcate the habit of viewing things from another person’s angle. Let your boy feel that pain of another person in distress, take him out, and make him feel useful for lesser privileged children.

Let him share an old toy or a book with someone who needs it. Don’t allow him to ill-treat a domestic help and pounce over an insect.

Let him help you with household chores and feel the stress that you go through by working relentlessly. 

Don’t over-control your boy

You can’t always run behind your boy to save him from even a tiny fall. Boys are careless by nature, so he might come back home with dirty shoes and torn clothes. You don’t need to scold him for the actions that show him like acting his age.

Don’t always say No and monitor him in everything he does. Let him fall to rise up stronger. The language of love is extremely important for kids. 

Teach him household chores

Kitchen, cleaning, and house maintenance is not the job of women alone. Gone are those days when women had to be glued to the kitchen and keep her husband happy with tasty food and doing all his part of work.

Women don’t like to marry men who depend on women for even a cup of coffee. Your boy should know all that you do and lend his hand to everything. It can be grocery shopping, cleaning, dusting, cooking, and housekeeping.

He should know all household chores so that he doesn’t depend on anyone in case of an emergency. 

Let him Cry

A person needs to express his emotions to ease out the pain that’s there in his heart. Hiding emotions to shield with a male physique is not acceptable as it may cause anxiety and restlessness. Give him a chance to cry and express his pain or happiness.

Make him assertive

Assertiveness is an art where you disagree with a person in a respectful manner. It’s not arguing or getting into a cutthroat situation.

You can teach your boy to speak the truth and accept that is acceptable and question that is objectionable. He should know the value of wrong and right and speak for himself when needed. 

Teach him Gender Equality

A boy who respects women is a well-raised child and loves his mother selflessly. He will be a very good lover and a better husband in the future.

Always teach him that men and women are equals and that equality brings harmony and interdependence. Apart from that, the right tips will help in dealing with your naughty kid.

Guide him on sex education

Teenage boys will have a great interest in online pornography. They will be curious and hence things are available on the internet so they might get hooked with such content. You need to explain the difference between sex and lovemaking. 

Let them know that porn is made stuff and is not real, and lovers do care for each other and the intimacy is just an expression of togetherness. They should know that porn is filthy and it doesn’t apply to real relationships, as women are treated to be submissive and docile. 

Praise the Positive

Boys love to be appreciated and encouraged. They might be interested in sports or singing, drawing or music, and other activities.

Appreciate the smallest task that they have done and wish them luck to continue with the same energy. Treat them with positive force and encourage good acts. 

Politeness is a virtue

It’s good to treat others with love and respect. Ask your bog to say thank you and sorry when required. Let him appreciate the food that has been served on his table, teach him good manners, and speak with him with respect so that he inculcates the good habit.

Basically, he should be polite who loves the young and respects his elders. Also. do everything possible to ensure that you are encouraging kindness in kids.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on How to Raise Better Boys

1. Does music encourage good behavior in boys?

Learning to play instruments and singing will help boys to gain concentration and apprehension. They will know the harmony and get involved in good.

2. Is it good to complete your boy’s homework to teach him helpfulness?

No, you cannot do any of his work of you want to treat him like a human. Let him fight his own battle and learn from his mistakes. 

3. Does physical affection help boys to get out of trouble?

It is good to express love through his and warm kisses. Boys live affection until they hit puberty. Even after that, they want to be pampered. Express your love with physical affection to make him feel your presence in his life. 


There’s this saying that ‘ A man who behaves like a Prince is raised by a Queen.’ The behavior of the son is directly connected to what a mother does. Accepting everything that your son does is not a healthy relationship, be a critique, and an admirer to raise a better boy.

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