75+ Sweet I Love You Messages for Son

The relationship between a son and his parents is always very much special; the bond and the love between them is so deep that it cannot be expressed in words every time.

But sometimes, it needs to be said in words to the son to make him feel much more special. Some I love you messages for your son.

I love you My son Messages

-Beloved son, you might go abroad or elsewhere for your higher studies, but I can assure you that the strong bond of love between us will never get old and redeemed; I will love you forever

-We might not have proven to you to be the best parents in this entire world, but you, my son, has given the best efforts to prove yourself the best son in this world; I love you loads for that

-You sometimes get offended by my scolding, but I want to confess to you that you would find nobody in this world who would love you as much as I do now; my heart has immense love for you, my son

-My son, I would always request you to keep that smile on your face because it is your smile that makes all my pain and worries go away and makes y heart happier as I love you very much

-You are the sole reason of my life for whom I am living till now and handling every difficulty with a smile on my face, you are the moon of my life, and I love you, my little child

-I cannot thank God enough for sending you into my life as you are no less than an angel to me, my son, and I am more than overwhelmed and proud to be your mother; I love you very much

-You are actually the reason for my real happiness, and I could give away everything in laughter just be with you, my dear son; I love you more than my life, my dear child

-I promise to you, my child, that I will do whatever possible for me to make you happy and would not let any tear shed from your eyes as long as I am alive, I love you to the moon and back

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-Today, I made a promise to myself that I would not leave your hand at any moment of your life as you are very much precious for me and my love for you is very much eternal, my dear son

-Every day when I see you, I feel like I am the proudest mother in this entire universe because I have realized that you mean the whole world to me, and I love you more than anything else

-The only reason I am still able to struggle so much is you, my boy, the smile in your face keeps the zeal and enthusiasm alive in my heart and gives me more motivation to work harder, my love

-I cannot compromise with your love to anything else because you are such a priceless thing in my life whose comparison cannot be done to anything; I love you the most, my dear son

-I would never share you with anyone else in this world because I have given birth to you, and you are only mine, and my love can fulfill all your dreams and aspirations, my dear little lad

-Dear son, today I take an oath before you that till the last day of my life, I am going to give you every comfort, care, and love you deserve, and I am pretty sure that my love for you will make me do it.

-I have no words to explain my immense love for you, my dear boy, but all I could say is that I am going to stay by your side in your happiness and sadness till my last breath as I am your mother

-I am challenging you, my little prince, that wherever you may go, you would not be able to find the love as pure as your mother’s love in any place in this entire world.

-Every single day, I pray to the almighty to bless you with all the happiness and prosperity which you can cherish your whole life even but sacrificing my own dreams as I love you the most, my son

-You might wonder why do I struggle so much every day, but the answer is that my whole day’s struggle brings a smile on your face, and that is worth all the hardships

-You are never an option to me, my dear son, as you are the only priority in my life for whom I can easily give up every single beloved thing and all dear ones in my life; my love for you is very pure

-I would not mind anything if you just go away somewhere for your job or studies because deep down inside, I have faith that my pure love for you is going to make you remember me every day

-Whenever in life you will be feeling lonely or low, just close your eyes and think of me; I will be by your side immediately because you are my son, and I love you the most

-The only thing about which I care the most in this entire world is your smile and happiness because, son, you mean the entire world to me, and I absolutely and purely love you, darling

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-I have all my faith in you, my son, as you are my son, and I believe that my love for you will never let you fail in anything in life; I love you very much, boy, keep working hard

-Whenever you will feel hesitant in your life, just give me a call; I love you that much to guide you the right way and make you feel better

-Son, never in your hard times feel that nobody is beside you because I, your mom, will always help you in your tough times as I love you more than my life

-You are the person in my life for whom I can give up my life because I love you more than anything else in this world, and you will always be my first priority at any moment of life, my beloved son

-I really do not care about the rest of the world, but I only care about the thing that comes what may. I may never stop loving you as you are my only baby son; I love you, dear lad

-My life would have been really pale and gloomy if you not had been here for me; thank you, dear son, for making my world brighter and for filling it with all the happiness, and I love you so much for that

-I might have died way earlier if you were not by my side and saved my soul; I am literally very much grateful to you for giving so much light in my life; I love you loads for that

-Dear son, I cannot explain in words how much happy I am to have you as my son in my life; you are not just my son, you are my world, and I love giving my all the time to my universe, love you

-The way the earth is not going to end any soon, the same way my deep and immense love for you is not going to end any day soon, it is, indeed, infinite and eternal, my dear baby son

-I am going to give you an assurance today that the world might end, but my love for you will never end, and it is going to stay immortal because you are very much close to my heart, my dear son

-Son, you have really brought tears of happiness in our eyes today, and we could not have asked for anything more; I love you a lot for making us so much proud

-My son, my life literally makes no sense without your presence in it, you are a star in my life, and I love spending quality time with you, my boy, love you to the stars and back, my baby

-I am genuinely speaking that the day you were born is literally the happiest day of my life, and that is what makes you the most precious person of my life; I love you very much, my boy

-I have never thought in my life that I could actually love someone so much in my life even more than me, and that person in my life is you, my dear son

-I can shout it to the entire world that the person who matters most to me is you, and I love you the most on this entire planet because you are my sweet little son

-Son, just keep this thing in your mind that whoever stays by your side, your mom will never leave your side will always continue to give her support to you; love you loads, my dear

-I genuinely think that the fact I am your mother makes me more graceful as a person, and I feel very much elated to be by your side till the last day of my life; I love you so much, my child

-I will never get tired of confessing to you that the definition of love for me is you, and you are the most important person in my life, my dear little son

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