70+ Happy New Year Messages for Son

The new year is a really very special time of the year as it is the very beginning of the year and people badly want it to be happy for them. Spending this day with their sons is probably the happiest thing for them. They love to do all the activities with their son on this day. Here are some wishes full of messages to send your son on Happy New year.

Here are Happy new year messages for son

-Dear son, may you get to enjoy all the happiness in life and have all the things you have always desired in your life. May this new year comes up with a load of cheerful things in your life; enjoy it to the fullest

-You are truly a person who actually deserves to be very much happy and ecstatic in life as you have done so many things for all of us, the happy new year. My boy, may all your dreams come true in your life

-May this new year gives you a blast to enjoy the whole year, may all your stuck works get cleared today, and you get to have the sweetest rewards of the beginning of this year, a very happy new year to you, son

-All I want this New year is some miracles to happen for you so that the condition you are living in turns better, and may God grant my wishes and put a special effort to keep that smile on your face, my boy

-May the Lord try the hardest to make your new year the happiest one because I have realized that my happiness lies only in your happiness, and you are the most significant person in my life as you are my son

-I am praying to the almighty to bless you this new year with a brand new promotion at your workplace so that you get to fulfill all the wishes of yourself and your family this year, bless you my dear son

-I am really praying to the whole universe you give you back your old life so that you can have your peaceful sleep back and do not have to worry about the scarcity of money even in this new year

-I always know in my heart that you are a very much pure person by heart, and the only person who deserves a lot of happiness in this new year is no doubt you, my son. Have a blast year, dear boy

-I wish I could give you much more than you have wanted from me in this new year because my son, your smile costs a million bucks for me, and I can even die with happiness for the sake of seeing it once

-I cannot explain to you how much happy I am to see you return to your family and have a reunion with them finally in this nee year, son, your son was also eagerly waiting for you this year

-I have made a promise to God that if it costs me to sacrifice my everything, I will even do that in this new year to make you stand on your own feet and see you doing good in your life; happy new year, my boy

-I have always chosen the path of honesty in life, and my heart fills with pride seeing you doing the same; my new year could not be happier when I am getting to spend it with my son full of modesty and honesty

-This nee year, the only wish I will be doing for you is that may God fill your heart with kindness for others, may his blessings make you an honest person without any pride in life, this will make your new year happy

-May this new year of yours get passed by helping others who are in need and sharing your gifts and food with people who are homeless and hungry, a perfect way to make your new year a grand one

-I would request you in this new year to come to my place at least for a single day and spend it with me like you used to do in the old times, trust me, son, I need nothing more and my year will be a really happy one

-I am really surprised and very much thankful to you as you have made some time from your busy schedule and have visited me with a lot of gifts, a very happy new year to you, my son

-For me, this new year only becomes happy when I get your company to show gratitude to the entire world and provide food and necessities to the poor ones; I wish you a very happy new year son

-My new year is a bit different from the others as it is a kind of occasion for me where I get the chance to express my deep love for you, my dear son, and I am really very much happy with that feeling

-New years are meant to be happy, but the spice of happiness gets added up when you give me a surprise visit along with your family and suddenly wish me a happy and great new year, my boy

-No crackers, no gifts, even no food can give me that much ecstasy and warmth which I get to have when I spend my new years with you, talking to you all night long, my dear little boy, happy new year

-I feel really jolly today and thanking God again and again as your work has been rescheduled and you have got the chance to spend this new year with me today; let us have a blast today, my dear baby boy

-I have all my wishes fulfilled in my life, but my last wish to God is that he must make you the happiest person on this earth in this new year so that I can die in your arms seeing your lovely smile, my dear son

-Nothing matters in this entire world to me like you, my dear son, and I would like to spend my new year with that person who is most important for me in my life, and that is you; come home soon, my son

-Son, you are that kind of person who can lighten up the whole place only by his presence, I plead you, this new year, please visit me and make my dull day a happier one with your positivity and enigma

-I cannot thank you enough for making my day a much more glittery one by your graceful presence and making it more gorgeous, and giving it the original meaning of “Happy New Year,” I love you so much, son

-I can fully understand that you are in no place to visit me right now as you have a very tight schedule, but still do try to come at least once because the new year is truly incomplete without you

-New year is a time of chilling cold, and that time you need someone who can wrap a warmth of love around you, and there is no one better around me who is warmer and lovelier than you, my son

-I can totally stay without the things I have desired in life every day, but I cannot at all adjust to the fact that you will be away from me on the day of the new year; you are my life and my breath, my dear son

-I can accept anything, but I am totally not okay with the thing that the most beloved, closest, and the dearest person of my life would not be here to visit the church with me in this new year

-Happy new year, my boy. May all the closed doors in your life opens up today, may you get a new zeal to work in your work field, may prosperity never turn its back towards from now onwards; love you a lot, my boy

-I am actually astounded by seeing the energy you are housing in yourself today for decorating the house and doing all the chores of the house; it seems like this new year has really turned happy for me

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