70+ Sweet Graduation Messages for Son

The graduation news of your son is really an enchanting thing and twists your heart with happiness and joy. You try your level best then to make your son feel happy and elated and become desperate to congratulate them with all the excitement and amazement. Here are some really good congratulations messages to send to your son after his graduation

Here are Graduation messages for son

-Son, you have actually made our hearts fill with joy now as you have finally made your and our dreams come true by graduating with flying colors in your college; we are truly proud of you, my dear baby boy

-I did not have any clue that time was running so fast and my baby son is growing up so fast; today, I have come to know that my boy, who once used to crawl on the floor, is now graduating, could not be more proud

-I am actually in a state of surprise to find you graduating; I have never thought in my life that you would be able to tolerate so many hardships and pass all the challenges with a good grade, so proud of you, my boy

-It is a very thing of pride that you, our dearest son, has finally made it; you have lightened up the face of our whole family as you are the first graduate from our family, we could not have asked anything more

-It was really an unexpected thing that you, despite having such hardships in life, have done your course with so much dedication and determination; I am really boastful for your achievements, my baby boy

-You always have in your life got what you have wanted and were very much particular about the fact that you will not stop and keep on achieving what you dream of; your graduation is an example of that

-I wish I was half the talented and dedicated as you are as you have with full intensity completed your graduation; you did not even let anyone understand what you were going through; proud of you, boy

-If I was in your position, I might have given up a lot earlier than this, but you have stood strong and bore all the difficulties alone and made yourself graduate at the very first attempt; we could not be any happier

-I think the thing you have done really needs a big appreciation and a grand celebration as you have made it happen, my son, you have graduated, it is a totally unbelievable thing, and we are more than proud

-My boy, you have lightened up the blown away candle in our family, graduation is not a joke as I have failed in doing it, so my heart is today overjoyed and overwhelmed for your accomplishments

-Loads of congratulations to my dearest son for having your graduation at this tender age and passing it in single chance, finally you are graduate in the field in which you are most kin in, all the best for future

-It was always a known thing for me that you, with your hard work, will be able to do whatever you decide to do, and graduation would be a cakewalk for you, see how you are graduated; I am happy now

-Your graduation calls for a party now, my dear lad, it definitely needs to be cherished with good food, enjoyed with close and dear friends, and you also deserve a gift of your choice from my side, my boy

-I always have in my life have seen one dream that my boy will make me proud one day, and people around the world will know me by his name by graduating. You have taken the first step, my dear son

-Instead of laying on the bed and passing your time like the other boys you have chosen to work hard and make your dream come true, I am so much happy about that fact, son. You truly deserve to be graduated

-I assure you that after this graduation, you will never have to look down or back in life, people will have a different kind of respect for you and will welcome you with an open heart everywhere; best of luck boy

-After this graduation, I would like to wish you all the luck in life and will hope that you will overcome every barrier coming on your way like this and keep on making us proud parents every day, my son

-You have proven to the entire world that you are truly capable of doing what you think of once, your graduation is shouting out loud about your victory and success you are going to achieve in life, son

-You are the only one in this whole world on whom I can totally rely upon and can trustfully; by graduating today, you have earned my faith that you are going to look after me later in life, my son

-Your graduation is speaking out loud a clear fact that you are not a storyteller but a real achiever who never come to a halt until and unless he reaches his goal in his life; I love you so much, my dear lad

-I have always known this thing that you have the stamina and mental power to tackle hard to hard problems in life and can still continue your degree; your graduation today is proving my words right

-You are the most amazing person I have ever seen in my life, as you have done two things simultaneously with the finest accuracy, one is you serving tables, and another one is your graduation

-You have many good qualities that we are boastful of, and one of them is your perseverance; once you start one thing, you take your breath of relief after completing it successfully; your graduation is one such thing

-You have never let us down in any kind of situation come what may be, there is no exception this time, even in this deadly situation you have completed your graduation in such an organized way, much proud

-From childhood, you have never ever given us any kind of scope to have some complaints against you and today also like a very good son you have done your graduation and giving us a bottle full of joy 

-You have done so much for us as a son and never have asked anything in return, and this time, you have filled our hearts with the laughter of joy and made your eyes heavy with tears; you have graduated, my son

-I have literally no words left in your praise; the more I think that you are done surprising us today, you again come up with some new and positive surprises of yours, but this one is the best of all, your graduation

-By graduating, you have really made our expectations higher, now we will be hoping that you will be going to do feats with sky-high determination and dedication; we are looking forward to it, my dear son

-You were always very much head-strong and stubborn from your childhood, by graduating. You have proven to the entire world that you have not changed a bit from childhood, and that is giving us happiness

-Son, I am pretty much sure that your madness of sticking to things and never giving up has made you reach this position in life; your graduation is your first victory, many more miles to go and conquer, boy

-You always had a fighter in yourself, and today, you have proved that very much clearly by clearing all the challenges and earning such a tough degree like the graduation all by your own, my dear little boy

-I have always made you learn that whatever the situation may be, stepping back in life is never the correct option, and you have marked my words very much seriously and have landed here as the successful Graduate

-You have never in your life has accepted losing to anyone else, even now you have retained the fighting spirit in yourself, that is why out of all the people you have topped in your graduation, lots of love, son

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