74+ Farewell Messages for Your Daughter

A daughter is a priceless subject to one’s family. She is born as an infant, raised to be a grown lady, wife to a gentleman when married, and as the life tale goes on, she gives life to a new life to come forth the vast world.

Here are some farewell messages for daughter

-You are the apple of my eye, a sweet melody to my ears, and the princess that only I could wish for. I love you, my daughter, and always pray for your living ever after.

-Remember, it’s not us who bind you from being a free bird. Instead, it’s always us who want to think free, grow big and shine above us as the guiding light to the one’s coming.

-It makes me a super-dad because God presented me with a super-girl like you.

-No matter how far you go away, even if you reach the skies. We will always be there beside you until fate, as a supporting shadow, and will cheer for you to live your dreams.

-You are the most valuable treasure to our family, and your priority will never be second to none. Love you, my dearest daughter. May life always bring you joy, happiness, and new ventures.

-We always desire you to reach out to the souls of other hundreds of people with your happiness and cry as you have touched ours. May life prosper you with the gifts of the present.

-We always care about you, our baby. We often think that what are you doing or are you tired or are sad about something or have you eaten your food on time or not, we worry about what your health conditions are. But at last, we console ourselves that, yes, we have raised a brilliant and outstanding lady, and she has the power to take good care of herself.

-There can never be a farewell between us, daughter. It’s a connection not made by all but only by the heavens itself.

-Remember when you were small, and we used to play with your turn by turn, and at the very end, the hugs were counted for both for us, that who would win. Though time has grown us old, we still want to acknowledge the moment again if we get a chance to.

-Each person gets his/her share of love, trust, faith, happiness, and sorrow. But our love for you, my dearest tea partner, is infinite and years to come and go and forever.

-Aim for the highest reach up in the skies and just move forward and never look back. We are always watching over you with the power of our love for you.

-Such an amazing life I have, all because of the charming daughter that we got. You dance like a guardian angel, you smile like the shining sun, and above all, you think for the good of others.

-One having a daughter like you is always blessed to be proud of you.

-I always pray you the courage to face the different natures of time, with the enthusiasm and sharpness to choose your leagues. I am so proud of you, my daughter, as I see you growing bigger in your time to come.

-To my sweetest daughter, when I say I care for you, it’s never out of love and generosity. This is to recall the past and recite that we are lucky that you happened to us.

-My dearest, it brings us joyous tears to see how elegant you have grown up too. Our suggestion tab and your fatherly piggy are open all day, all time for you. We love you so much.

-It does not matter how hard life has brought upon us, how busy we are, how tired we are, even if we have not eaten anything. We are always there for you, our love. May you prosper in life none other than anyone has done.

-Remember the day when you fell for the first time from your bike, and besides you, I cried too. Even today, we think of the days like that and pray to God for your well-being and never to lay a scratch from any evil to come.

-May life bring you whatsoever problems, always remember that you will for sure get the solutions from us ready to apply.

-A lucky father always has difficulty saying goodbye to her beloved daughter.

-My bestest daughter, you are the one person with whom we can laugh with our whole heart, dream with our full content and live as a good whole.

-We always plead for your success in the story of your life, as a bride, a wife, a good mother, and a good life partner to a great husband.

-My love, we will always be an anchor even in the stormy tempest of life.

-There are two streams in parenting life where life brings you to the utmost hardships one can ever face. This is one, my love; you arrive in our life and the one where you leave home.

-A daughter’s presence can make a man the most loveable, the most laughable, and the most liveable.

-Dear daughter, you are the best thing that happened to us. You are the blessing to us straight from the almighty. Make every moment of your life very joyful and remarkable.

-You are too precious to keep you in my arms or on the back or by me. You always will be in our hearts and mind forever and ever.

-Dear, I want you to become the kindest person ever, also I want you to know that you can surely put a good punch on the face of someone if needed.

-Ever since I saw you for the first time, covered in blood, from the right corner of the hospital room. I knew that my life was blessed with joy.

-Daughter, I always want you to know about some things. Firstly, the composure to know your self-worth so that you can stand up to others. Secondly, the courage to live fulfilling your dreams. And, thirdly, the proficiency to know how loved you are.

-Daughter, you must always remember that being beautiful is not the key to impress others; it’s your soul that needs to be full love and respect for everyone irrespective of the gender you show.

-Dear daughter, you don’t have to be a part of everyone’s life, nor do they have to be yours, just be the kindest person you are always meant to be.

-Every time I see you, I recall the special moment when I first held you into my arms; I remember the crying you gave me, the responsibility you provided me with, and the love that you showed me every time.

-Of all the dreams that I aspire to, one is very special and very close to my heart. I want you to see the big picture that I look in you.

-It would be meaningless to provide you with the gift fruit of life as you are something even bigger by coming into our lives.

-Every time I feel sorrowed and depressed, I always think of your bright smiling face, and it would enlighten the rest of my day.

-Every time I picture you a prom partner, a beautiful bride, or an extraordinary wife, it reminds me of the little princess that I used to adore and would also give her a horseback ride.

-God has a unique way of giving meaning to things, as I knew when he gifted me with happy life with you.

-Daughter, you are someone with whom I can share all my secrets and sorrow, as you bring a twisted change of magic and love in our hearts.

-Daughter, you are the joyful recollections of the life left beyond, the happy moments of the godsend, and the wish and vow of the coming times.

-I always knew from the content of my heart that the only purpose for God to send you to us is for the endless love that you provide us within our day-to-day lives.

-I always remember the petty screams of the spider, the beautiful days that I have spent you with, and the happy memories that we have made together. I will always cherish those moments until fate meets us.

-A parent’s happiness is to spend a day with their child. But only a daughter is the one who can bring a smile to the faces of each other.

-Words can never describe the loving connection between a daughter and a mother or a daughter and a father as they can only be felt for their specific unconditional nature.

-The deeper a daughter understands the love for her from her parents, the more she becomes powerful she becomes in life.

-You are always new to me from every aspect of life, mysteriously unknown as you bring up with new possibilities and opportunities, and you are so magical that even sometimes I feel you could be the guardian angel to our lives.

-We have always loved you, daughter, to our fullest, and now that you are departing from us, we have none but one wish for your days up ahead, that is, always held your head high like the queen you meant to me, keep your guts up as to face and endure any danger in your life and to be sharp and courageous in every moment of your life.

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