70+ Popular Engagement messages for son

Sons are the most important people in the life of parents. You need to wish your child and bless him on his engagement. Here are some beautiful engagement messages for your beloved son.

Happy Engagement Messages For Son

-I am so happy for you two. Get together in your life ahead and give the most of yourself to each other. Happy engagement, dear son and my loved daughter.

-We always want you to stay with a smile on your face, loving each other, exactly the way you are now. Happy engagement to both of you and have a trustful life ahead.

-We are so glad that you two got engaged on this very special day, and may you lead a happy and prosperous life ahead of you and be with each other always.

-You two love birds will be the best and the cutest couple other than us. Be wise to keep each other happy in every moment of your life and stay ahead of everything. Happy engagement.

-No other couple in my eyes can look better than you two. Happy engagement to both of you and be happy always.

-Both of you have chosen the perfect soulmate for each other, and according to my knowledge, you two fit the best. Be sure to take care of each other. Happy engagement.

-I always knew from the beginning that you two were meant for each other and for the fact that no one else would have fitted any better for each of you. Loads of love and care on your engagement.

-I pray you both to live a thousand years until dawn arrives and be sure to stick by each other, for you both have a long way to go. Happy engagement to both my son and daughter.

-When you were born, you were blessed with all your hearts, and today, on this auspicious day, we give you the best wishes for your new life ahead. Happy engagement.

-Best wishes to the best couple on this best day, to see the both of you grow in life and be the best of yourselves so that others can take lessons. Happy engagement.

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Engagement Wishes For Son

-We all pray for your well-being and wish that life brings you the most precious dreams that you want to and will achieve. Happy engagement, dear.

-Always try to stick by each other through thick and thin. Let the moments be minutes, let minutes be days, let days be years, and your love stays forever. Happy engagement.

-Sometimes, when you two realize that there is not only love but also arguments in a relationship, always try to spice up your life. Happy engagement.

-Always remember that you just need to be with each other in the worst of times; that only makes a good relationship stronger. Happy engagement.

-All the struggle that you have gone through so far to win her will bring a fruitful life ahead of you and the enjoyment you will receive. Happy engagement.

-Do remember to invest all your special time into filling your memory bag as they will give the best returns than any other. Happy engagement, dear.

-Be sure to put in all the special ingredients for the special recipe to make the relationship special. Happy engagement to the best couple ever.

-Always cherish the moments filled with happiness and joy and save them in a folder so that the memories can be shared and relished at later ages. Happy engagement, dear two.

-Have an understanding and prosperous life ahead of you, and be ready to unlock new roads of life. Happy engagement to the most beautiful couple ever.

-Wish you warmly with all my soul and heart that the two of you grow like a banyan tree, though old but ever beautiful. Love you both, and happy engagement.

-Your bonding should be as hard as a diamond, as needy as salt, and as sweet as an apple. Happy engagement to the future, most bright couple.

-In any curve of life, in any tempest of life, never leave each other’s side as if you both stay united, you will get the power to overcome everything. Happy engagement.

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Beautiful Engagement Messages For Son

-I got a long way to go; Got loads of years to pass. Enjoy every moment in the most precious way possible. Happy engagement to both of you.

-Thank you so much, son, for taking a step further in your life and taking up such a big responsibility. Thank you again, and happy engagement, dear.

-Stick together and hold onto each other for a great future is waiting for the both of you. Happy engagement on this very day and be sure to be happy always.

-As you have started narrating the picture of your life, make sure to be the best character in the story of life. Happy engagement, dear son, and always live happily.

-On choosing this path in life, I hope that you think of the upcoming challenges and responsibilities you have to face. Happy engagement, my one, and only son, for this grand embark of your life.

-Life will never be the same when you start living with your partner. Be sure to handle every situation in the most untroubled and undisturbed way possible. Happy engagement.

-Through the long years of your life ahead, make sure to nourish your love for each other to lead a fruitful and happy life. Happy engagement, dear.

-Being engaged is one of the best parts of one’s life as you get the freedom to drive away from your friends and family and enjoy the personal space where only the two of you will be there. Happy engagement.

-Like the beauty of the cherry blossom, make sure you bloom together, even in the darkest of times. Happy engagement, dear and have a wonderful life ahead.

-With all the sweet memories to come and the blissful days to encounter, make sure to live life to the fullest and be the best version of yourself. Happy engagement.

-’ Mr. The Right’ would be the perfect name for my dear son and my beloved new daughter; I pronounce you as “Mrs. Perfect”. Happy engagement to the dearest couple ever.

-To the new couple, let your love flow like the timeless river knowing no barrier. Happy engagement to the most beautiful couple ever.

-You should be as vast as the ocean and as deep as the sea. Happy engagement to the cutest couple on this auspicious day, and I also wish you a healthy and wealthy life ahead.

-Allow your love to spread all over the world like the colors of the rainbow. Happy engagement to the most beautiful couple in the family.

-The sole purpose of living together is that both of you don’t have to live alone anymore, and you got each other’s back. Happy engagement and have a good life ahead.

-Now that two strong people have come together, you will be able to build up a strong foundation so that the future can stand straight and strong on it. Happy engagement.

-One of the best moments in your life is when you vow to look after your partner and vice versa for the rest of your life. Happy engagement, dear.

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Beautiful Engagement Messages

-Always respect the gifts that you receive from the Almighty. Happy engagement to the strongest and the most trustworthy couple. Have a beautiful and happy life ahead.

-When the almighty takes a decision, it is always believed that he does it for our own good, and in your case, it has come out to be so true. Happy engagement, dear.

-The biggest goal of an engaged couple is to achieve true happiness for each other. The unity of vision will help you move ahead. Happy engagement, dear.

-Wish you endless happiness, endless love and joy, and a lifetime of generous bonding with each other. Happy engagement to the most beautiful couple.

-From being friends to being in love and getting engaged, happiness and interesting challenges await the both of you. Happy engagement.

-We always pray to the almighty that both of you live in peace and prosperity and live happily ever after. Happy engagement.

-Today, we have all gathered here to celebrate the engagement of this beautiful couple who are going to start a new, healthy and wealthy life. Happy engagement to my son and my daughter.

-Always keep in mind to support each other in all aspects of life and try to be happier even in the darkest of times. Happy engagement to the sweetest couple.

-Both of you have found each other for the sake of love and to take care of each other irrespective of anything. Happy engagement to the most caring couple.

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