55+ Beautiful Engagement Messages for Your Mother

A mother’s life always revolves around her kids and the entire family. She has to face so many struggles and challenges in life. Therefore, it should be your responsibility to support her if she decides to remarry. Below we have given some engagement messages, which will help you wish her: 

Here are engagement messages for your mother.

-Mom, every person deserves a second chance in life, and so do you. I am so happy that you have got a loving companion.

-Finally, the time has come for you to start fresh because a start over does not need a particular timing and age. Many congratulations to you, mom.

-Since childhood, I have seen you struggling alone with the challenges that life has thrown across your way. I feel glad that eventually, you have got a partner who will walk with you in the upcoming journey of life.

-I knew you are a courageous and strong woman. But, your decision of settling down again makes me feel so proud of you. May the love you both are sharing grow more with time. Cheery engagement day to you!

-The life of all deserves a second chance. However, it takes a lot of courage, especially when it comes to remarrying. Nevertheless, I feel joyful to have witnessed a powerful journey of a strong woman whom I call my mother.

-Mom, as you are embarking on this new journey of life with your partner, I want to send you the best wishes and a tight hug. May the life of yours shines through your love.

-You have become an example to all those ladies who think a lady can’t believe in remarriage after coming out from a bad marriage experience. I am proud to be your daughter, mom.

-Who said a divorced lady can’t decide to start his life with someone else again? The lady should be fortunate to find a man who loves her wholeheartedly, and I am so happy that you are one of those lucky ladies.

-I am so happy to see that finally, a man has come into your life who will help you forget how your life was without him. Many best wishes to you on your new beginning, mom.

-Mom, I want to assure you that the decision you have taken will prove worth it in the coming times. Just believe in yourself and never look back. Happy engagement day, mommy!

-Dear mom, I want to wish you many congratulations for embarking on this new start of your life. May this marriage will give you so many happy and adventurous memories to cherish forever.

-It is not bad to fall in love again. It is not bad to start over your life with a new partner if your former relationship doesn’t work well. Thank you so much; mom; I am so happy that you have broken all these societal norms.

-A lady has an absolute right to think about herself and her life. I feel proud that you have decided to take a stand for yourself to begin a new journey with the man you love.

-No matter what, I always have your back, mom. Because you have always supported me through thick and think, and now it is my time to stand behind you. May the coming years of life with your partner will be fulfilled with an abundance of joy. Also, welcome to the family, new daddy!

-I have witnessed you struggling through your relationship with dad. I am still witnessing you, but this time, enjoying life with the new partner. I feel so happy and sending you best wishes on a fresh beginning.

-A successful and happy marriage is when the love that you two share will grow every day. I am happy that you have found your true love in the second inning of your life. I love you both wholeheartedly.

-The person you are getting married to is surely damn lucky to have you in his life. So, may the coming years of yours with your companion be filled with long-lasting joy.

-Your partner will surely convert your nightmare into dreams, your worries into happiness, and your fears into love. You deserve the happiness of this entire world, mom. 

-Both of you are not the first love of each other; however, I can say it with full confidence that both of you will become the last love of each other. Wishing you a happy and long-lasting marriage, mom.

-Both of you have experienced the pain of the loss of your first love. Therefore, both of you know the value of love in life. I am glad your paths have crossed, and both of you have decided to walk on the journey of life together. Congratulations, my loving mom.

-I’m not ashamed to say that my mother is getting married again. Because I saw you struggling alone, now, it’s your time to live your life with a partner who loves you and respects you too.

-The time has come when all the struggles, hurdles, and complexities of your life comes to an end. I hope you both enjoy and smile more on this journey of life.

-Second marriage depends more on hope than experience. But, I know you are a lady full of hope and love, and I am sure you will get everything you want this time because my champion mom deserves the happiness of the whole planet. 

-As you are constructing your new life together with your partner, I want to give my best wishes for your beautiful journey of today, tomorrow, and forever.

-Being a divorcee is not shameful. However, living in a bad marriage bearing all the pain and suffering has to be shameful. I feel proud that I am the daughter of that lady who knows how to fight for herself and doesn’t feel ashamed to get married again.

-I am happy that you are courageous enough to come out from the challenges and start over with a partner who knows how to love a woman. I am so grateful to have witnessed this day with you.

-A happily-after is never too late. It just needs perfect timing and an imperfect partner who makes your life worth living. Then, finally, you have got a man who treats you respectfully and with love. My heart is bursting with joy, looking at you together.

-A marriage becomes strong when one feels weak, then another becomes strong to boost the morale of the weak one. I know you are a strong woman, but your partner will support you throughout your life whenever you feel weak.

-Nobody is braver than a woman, who is broken but still opens her heart to love again. Mom, you are one of the strongest ladies I have ever met. May your decision to start over prove to be the best decision of your life.

-One of the second chances that life has to give you is called remarriage. I am happy that you didn’t miss this second chance and welcoming your new beginning with an open heart. I wish all your dreams come true in this new journey of togetherness.

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