55+ Condolence Message for Mother

The death of a loved one is the harshest and most painful reality of life. It becomes a daunting task to give condolence to another person because you don’t know exactly what kind of words would be best to say in this kind of situation. Following, we have given some condolence messages, which will help you choose your words wisely: 

Condolence Message for Mother

Dear mom, I can’t feel what you are going through right now, but what I know is that your brother always wanted to see you smiling. So be strong and pray for his soul.

-Stay strong and don’t be sad, mom, because grandpa is not gone anywhere. He will always remain with us in our hearts and memories because a body can leave this world, but the memories remain alive for a lifetime.

-Mumma, I know how close you are to grandpa. You were his strong daughter and will continue to be the same. Always remember I am always there for you to lean on whenever you needed.

-Grandmom was dearly loved by everyone. We are all going to miss him so much. You have so many memories of her, which will help you to find comfort. 

-The loss of your best friend is not easy to bear. I can feel you are going through a tough time. But don’t forget, mom, true friendship is the bond of eternity. It can’t end with the death of the one. 

-The sorrow of the death of a loved one can’t get healed with the words of another person. But, it gives a sense of comfort that the person cares for you. Sending you a tight hug, mom.

-What you are feeling right now will not instantly heal with my words of comfort; however, I still want to let you know that I am always with you. No matter what, when, and where, you can reach out to me to talk anytime.

-You are my strongest Mumma, and I know you are capable of handling your grandmom very well in this time of grief. Grandpa will be missed badly by all of us.

-Granny was a woman who never thought for a second when it comes to helping others. She was such a kindhearted and loving lady. No one can take her place in your life, mom. But, just want to tell you that your daughter is always there for you.

-Uncle was such a kindhearted, dignified, jolly person with a great sense of humor. His absence will always be missed. It would be best if you stayed strong so that you can handle other family members. Love you, my strongest mom.

-Not just you, in fact, I also do have many memories of my aunt to cherish for a lifetime. I was shocked to hear about her sudden demise. We all should pray for her soul to be set free and for her family to find solace in this time of grief.

-The memories of your grandmother will remain alive in your heart as long as you remember her with a smile on your face. She always wanted to see all of you smiling. May she find peace in the home of the almighty.

-The news of the demise of granny is shocking and sorrowful. She has left us a chain of memories to remember for a lifetime. May God give her the peace and comfort in his home that she was seeking for so long.

-Mom, you are not alone in this. We are all with you in this time of grief. It is a testing time of your strength. And, I know you’ll come out strongest.

-The time of grief is very long and hard. However, In this hard time, the beautiful memories of your best friend will help you in healing.

-Mom, I am not physically with you there, but my prayers and support are always with my family and you in these difficult times. My aunt was such a pure soul. I will pray to the almighty to let her soul free from the cycle of birth and death.

-Our uncle was one of the most hardworking persons I have ever come across. His journey motivates all of us to do more in life. My heartfelt condolences are with all maternal family members.

-My heart aches whenever I think about your loss, mom. No words can work out the depth of pain that you are feeling right now. I’m sending you my prayers so that you’ll get the strength to go through this time of sorrow.

-Grandpa was always told that life should not be long but a big one to live enough. He justified his words with the way he lived his life. So we all should respect his legacy and remember him with smiles, not tears.

-The strength and kindness you have in you are gifted to you by our late grandfather that he had got in his legacy. He was a great father to you and a loving grandfather to us. May his lessons be with us forever.

-Mom, your mother, is not gone anywhere. If you are capable of feeling strong at this time of grief, you’ll come to know that she must be smiling and looking at you from heaven. 

-I know the demise of your loved one is a big loss in your life. However, in this painful time of grief, I am sending you the strength and peace to come out of this strongly.

-No one can imagine the feeling, you are going through these days. My heart goes out to you and grandpa because you two were the closest ones to grandmother. It would help if you stayed strong for grandpa and all the family members.

-I pray to God to send you the much-needed strength and peace in this time when you are grieving the passing of a loved one. I feel sorry for your loss.

-The one who comes in this world surely has to go back to the home of the heavenly father. It is a process of the life cycle. The only thing we can do is remember the memories of the one who passed away with a smile.

-It was heartbreaking to hear about the passing away of our aunt. I know she was so dear to you. Both of you were so close to each other. Stay strong and cherish the memories of her that will always remain alive in your heart.

-The gentle behavior and kind-heartedness of the grandmother will always remain unmatchable. No need to let your heartbreak because she will forever live in the heart of those who love her.

-Live your life the way that it would become an example for others. Mom, your brother has made these words true to every one of us. He was a man full of love and kindness to others. He will be missed forever.

-Grandmom has touched so many hearts with her kindness and loving nature. Not just you lost your mother, in fact, this world has lost a gem of a person. May God protect her soul in his divine home.

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