60+ Condolence Messages For Grandmother

The longer a person’s life, the longer he/she is made to endure the feeling of loss. There would be many times when they wanted to give in to despair, but they still stood firm. And that is just how the elderly are meant to be, strong, firm, and brave.

Sympathy Messages For Grandmother

-As you continue to live on, there will always be good as well as bad times. But in those, all the good memories that you have made will help you cope with all the negativity of your life.

-Time brings back old memories, and you are expected to just live through those. Even in those conditions, you must find a way to redeem yourself and not give up hope.

-Memories of those who have passed away always continue to reside in the hearts of dear ones. This is not just dying, it has a lasting meaning behind it, and it is known only to people who are close to you.

-Having been parted from someone close to you does not mean that the feelings that were between you have also gone away. These will continue to belong to you as long as you stay true to those.

-You should think about everything in a positive light, just like you always do. That person is at peace right now; this is not a moment you should be depressed about.

-You will be able to move forward in your life only after you accept the circumstances. This is the only way to overcome the loss, or you will lose the strength to move forward in life.

-No matter how far a person goes, it is never beyond a point of no return. As long as you believe in that person and the strength of your relationship, you just can’t give up on your potential union.

-Because of your loss, you should not lose yourself in your anger or other negative emotions. Keep your feelings and mind together, and find the best way possible to deal with it.

-I don’t think that anyone else knows it better than you, but life just goes on. Loss is also a part of life; to deal with it on your own, and to move forward, is the real nature of life. 

-A person does not die as long as he continues to be in your heart, mind, and memories. At that point, death becomes no more than a small problem in your path of life.

-The people that mattered to us, even after they are passed on, we are not able to let go of their memories. Those memories represent the intimacy of the relationship that you once shared.

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-As long as that special person will continue to reside in your heart, the meaning behind his existence will not be lost. As long as a person’s name is still spoken in this world, he doesn’t truly die.

-As time passes by, we take hold of many things and let many of those go. This is just how life is, and that is why I value it, for it is never the same.

-The only reason you still hold on to the memories of a certain person is that he still matters to you. To remember and to be remembered is the real purpose of these.

-You must resist your tears and behave as strongly as you can in this hour of grief. This is not the time to fall or break down, and it is time for you to act like the strong person that you are.

-Life will never continue to remain the same; when times get hard, you too will break down and want to quit. And that is exactly what you don’t have to do, or you will end up with nothing but regrets.

-Whenever something good ends, it is mandatory for us to feel sad about it; this is just how it is meant to be. What matters is if you were able to give it a good and happy beginning and interval.

-If you end up wallowing in despair, then know that sadness is the only thing that will await you. Don’t restrain yourself, not just yet; you still have a long way to go.

-Everyone in this world has some sadness, and everyone knows pain. And yet they keep moving forward, and so should you because I believe you to be stronger than anyone else.

-Even in the face of overwhelming despair, you can not give up on your hope. As long as you are firm in your efforts, you will not fail; you might fall, but you won’t stay down.

-After you can cope with your loss, you will be able to greet happiness again. True calm and happiness lie only behind hardships, and till you get there, you have got something good to hold on to.

-There are always some things that are meant to be done no matter what, and moving on is also a fragment of those. You get hurt, you endure, and then move on.

-When a person passes on, there always are things that are left behind. These might not always be material things, but these hold a much greater value, and those are memories.

-There are always things that people can be remembered by, and their memories are etched on them. And a special object, occasion, or some person, can bring about remembrance.

-The good deeds that a person commits are always left behind in this world, and that is what inspires others to do good. When you are on a righteous path, you are bound to be respected or supported.

-Whenever you will ever be happy, you will remember the person that you once shared this happiness with. Joy makes you remember all the moments that you just can’t forget.

-Do your best not to hold it all in; you still have people that you can rely on. You don’t have to shoulder all this sadness on your own; let me be a part of that and help you.

-You are bound to have regrets in your life, for there are always things that are left in yeh past or the people that are left behind. But, it is these regrets that inspire you to live a better life.

-Upon death, a person is not just lost; you can still find him in places you once spent time together. And always in your heart, for he will never be parted from you, don’t try to seek him anywhere away from you.

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-When your journey with someone comes to an end, all you want to do is spend one more moment with them. This is the strength of the bonds that you have made, but know that these are to support you, not to hold you back.

-If you cherish a person enough, you can live forever only in a couple of days. It all comes down to how you feel for that person or how strong your bonds are; feelings are not dependent on time.

-You don’t give up on a person just because he is not there with you anymore. It is time for you to search for the moments that you once shared and not give up.

-A relationship is not measured in the time that is spent together but on the strength of the relationship forged. They become a part of you, something that you can never forget.

-This world is still as full of life as it was yesterday, and they’re still are many beautiful things that you can find in it. Relish in the memories of your loved ones, and keep on living.

-It takes great courage to move forward in life after suffering loss, and I know that you have that much courage. You must shoulder all your losses and live with them; there is no other way.

-Losing someone close to you always leaves a scar on your soul. But that does not mean that it will never heal; as you know, there is nothing that time can’t heal.

-Your sadness, losses, and sorrows have made you the person that you are today. These are a part of life that you must endure; only then will you be able to grow stronger.

-Every life comes to an end, and that is what gives significance to it. You learn from your losses and try to live a life that you can be proud of.

-The sadness of having to part with someone close to you is no different from fear. That is not something that you can take on your own; these are meant to be dealt with over time.

-Just so you know, it is okay to hold on to your sorrows. All you need to do is, do not lose yourself in that; you should be able to feel other emotions too.

-Not everything about grief is bad, and it is a remembrance of all the memories that you once made with someone. This, too, is one of your emotions, it is not a waste or unnecessary, and you need it.

-After death, a person can always live on in the hearts of people that he was dear to. You can hold that person in your heart and not let go of his memories, and that alone will be a great honor for him.

-Know that time will not always stay the same; your sadness will turn into happiness. Soon enough, you will be able to let go of your past and be strong enough to move forward.

-A person does not lose upon dying; if it was so, then all his life would mean nothing. Everything that you endure in your life makes up the person that you are; you are not judged in an instant.

-The deeper the sorrow is, the more you will be able to feel happiness in your life. It might hurt right now, but soon you will get over this and will improve for the better.

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