60+ Sweet Christmas Messages for Son

Christmas is one of the most special occasions in our life, and we definitely want to spend it with full zeal and enigma with our sons. The presence of our sons on this day adds a special color of happiness to our lives and makes it a more grand and jolly one. Here are some Christmas messages for your son.

Merry Christmas son Messages

-I would give up anything in life just to spend this upcoming Christmas with you and your family, as you are my only son, and your family is my family as well; Merry Christmas, my dear baby son from my side

-Each and every year, I wait with eager hearts for Christmas to come as it is the only time of the year when I get the golden opportunity to meet my son, you, as you stay abroad due to your higher studies

-I would put up with anything else in this world but not with the fact that on Christmas day, my house will be sans you; please try to take some time out of your schedule to visit home once, my dear son

-Despite knowing that it is quite impossible for you to come home this Christmas, I keep on thinking that you will surprise me by your presence suddenly and make my Christmas a glorious one, Merry Christmas

-My boy, I would like to wish you a really Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart as you are my one and only son, and you are a piece of my heart as well; I wish you to stay happy forever in life, son

-My Christmas stays totally incomplete when I do not get to spend the day with you, singing carols, searching for the gifts sent by Santa, baking tasty cakes with each other, my dear little baby boy

-It is the happiest thing of my life, son, that, finally, after a decade, you have planned a visit to our house that you on the day if Christmas, I am eagerly waiting for you; Advance Merry Christmas to you, boy

-I have never imagined in my life I would have to celebrate a Christmas day without my dearest son. This year it is going to happen; son, I will be missing you a lot, my dear boy, stay happy

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-I am absolutely sure about this fact that how difficult may it be, you will never fail to grab the chance to come home at Christmas because my boy, you cannot stay without me on this day, come home quickly

-You have always enjoyed this day of the year with me, helping me to bake cakes, do all household chores and visit the church with me this year. It will be different as you are away from home, merry Christmas son

-My happiness today knows no limits as you, my son, has given me the biggest surprise on this auspicious day of Christmas by bringing your son, my grandson, along with you home today; I am really overjoyed today

-For me, Christmas is the day when I get to have the chance to spend some extra quality time with you, do some extra fun with you, and make a much more special day with you; Merry Christmas, my partner in crime

-I would pray to Santa on this Christmas to give you the best gift of your life, that is a brand new job that you have been dreaming about for a long period of time, it will work as my gift as well this year; my son

-I am actually enjoying this Christmas the most as I have to see all the celebrations done by you with a smile on your face as you have successfully achieved your dream job this year, and you are also the happiest now

-Christmas calls for a celebration as it is also the time of the year when Santa desperately makes my wish come true by bringing you home from the foreign land where you have settled for work at this time

-You are the one without whom my Christmas remains a total gloomy and dull one, and every year, I pray to Santa to sanction you some holidays so that you can come over and enjoy this holiday with us, my dear boy

-I have always wondered what the thing that makes me very much sad is, and I have found my answer this Christmas that is the Christmas day itself sans your presence that makes my heart cry with pain, my boy

-You are the spirit of our house, which has always set the house in motion and in fun since this year you are away from home, our Christmas has become really boring and dull; Merry Christmas to you, my boy

-Dear son, since you are away from us, I would like to wish you a merry and safe Christmas; I hope you get to have very good food today and to spend the day happily with your closest friends and colleagues

-It is really very much unfortunate that due to your company, you are going to spend this Christmas away from your home, away from your father, but get to know that my wishes are always with you

-Christmas is not just a mere celebration for me; it is a day when I can connect to you very well because, for me, you are my only wish, I wish you every day, and I wish your happiness and prosperity from Santa, my boy

-Last year on this day, we had a lot of fun together and baked some really good cakes, sang carol, lit a fire and shared stories with each other but this year is different as you are in a new city; Merry Christmas

-Dear son, I absolutely have no sadness or regrets for spending this Christmas in a small way because you are by my side today, and it is my biggest strength out of all; I hope you get to enjoy this day as much as me

-Son, do you want to know what actually makes my Christmas merry? It is none other than your presence by my side, my baby boy; it gives me immense pleasure and a heart full of joy, my dear boy

-Merry Christmas to my only son, who has made a lot of efforts to make my day a really special one; kudos to all your trials; my day has really become happy now, and I love you more than my heart

-My Christmas literally would have no meaning if there were no marks of you, my son, do not be angry with me anymore; come and join with decoration and preparation of this magnificent day with me, my dear lad

-This year, on Christmas, all I wish from Santa is a heart full of laughter on your face because for me, that is the purest form of gift in this Christmas, and I will be asking for it every Christmas from dear Santa

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-Son, this year, I promise to you that I will make my whole day free by spending a lot of time with you; I will make you learn the art of baking cakes and even hang with you wet socks for Santa’s gifts; I will make Christmas special for you

-Christmas is not a day anymore for me to celebrate it with zeal, it is the day for me now when my wait gets over, and I get the chance to meet you after a full year; it has become happier for me now, my son

-Despite having such a hectic schedule, you opted to come over and spend this Christmas with me, and that truly melts my heart, my baby boy; Merry Christmas, boy, and I am really very much proud of you

-You surely know my boy, how to make Christmas happier every year. That is why this year you have learned the art of baking cakes and made such a beautiful cake all by yourself, Merry Christmas boy

-You are the complete opposite thing of boring, and that is why my boy wishes you a merry Christmas, I hope you get to kill all the boredom from your life on this day and make it a happy and joyous one, my son

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