8 Yoga Asanas to Increase Sperm count Naturally

Low sperm count is one of the most common reasons behind infertility in men. Infertility can not only affect the personal life of the patient but can also expose him to different societal pressures and stigmas. The reasons behind low sperm count can be attributed to many factors, given the unhealthy lifestyle led by most of the people today because of the situational needs.

But there is no need to be worried and lose all the hopes since one of the most renowned and effective ways to combat this problem of low sperm count can be cured by practicing different yoga asanas regularly. 

How are yoga asanas beneficial in increasing the sperm count?

  • Yoga asanas play a huge role in improving the circulation of blood.
  • Proper blood circulation enhances the sperm quality.
  • Yoga can stimulate glands to increase sperm production.
  • Yoga can help in controlling the important hormones associated with fertility, most importantly, testosterone. 

The first question that may strike an individual facing the problem of low sperm count is why he shall practice yoga. The answer is simple. Practicing different yoga asanas will benefit his body in multiple folds and not only be effective against low sperm count but other sexual problems too.

Yoga Asanas to Increase Sperm count Naturally

Let us now throw light on some of the yoga asanas that can help you counter the problem of low sperm count.

Dhanurasana (bow pose)

The dhanurasana helps to improve the flow of blood to the reproductive system of the practitioner and ameliorates the overall sexual health as well as enhances fertility among men. The steps involved in doing this asana correctly are as follows.

  • First, lie upside down on the floor with your hands on both sides and legs at a distance of about two feet. 
  • Take a deep breath and while exhaling, fold your knees and ankles and hold the ankles with your hand.
  • Then, again take a deep breath and while doing so, pull your chest off the ground with your face straight. 
  • Also, lift the legs above the ground keeping your toe-tips to the knee in a straight line.

Balance your body in this posture on your belly. Hold this posture for about 15 seconds and release slowly while you exhale.

Paschimottasana (seated bending forward)

Paschimottasana helps strengthen the muscles that are necessary for the well-functioning of the reproductive organs. If this asana is practiced regularly then besides countering low sperm count, this will also treat erectile dysfunction. This asana also helps improve your metabolism and mental health.

  • To perform this asana, sit with your legs stretched such that your toes are pointed towards the ceiling and your spine is straight. 
  • While inhaling, bend your body downwards so that your head touches your knees and stretch your hands forward to touch or hold the toes.
  • Hold this position for about 15 to 20 seconds while breathing normally. 
  • After the time is over, slowly lift your body while exhaling. 

Repeat this thrice regularly. Keep in mind to not force yourself. If you do not feel great, discontinue.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Bhujangasana is one of the most beneficial asanas that you can practice. Doing this asana can enhance the health of the reproductive organs. Also, this asana can cure back pains and relieve your stress from the back muscles and the spine. The steps are:

  • First, lie upside down on the floor with your palms on the ground parallel to your corresponding shoulders. 
  • Also, keep your legs stretched. 
  • Now, lift your chest upwards with your legs stretched while inhaling and face the ceiling. 
  • Lift your body till your navel and hold the position.

Hold the position for about 15 seconds while breathing normally. After 15 seconds, slowly exhale and lower your chest and loosen up your body. Repeat this three times.

Kumbhakasana (plank pose)

The plank pose or kumbhakasana is apparently an easy one but has numerous benefits. From strengthening your abs to increasing your overall sexual health, the benefits of this asana are multitudinous. Let us now look into the steps to perform this asana.

  • First, lie upside down on the floor with your palms on the ground parallel to your corresponding shoulders and keep your legs stretched. 
  • Now, slowly push your body upwards. Balance your body and keep the weights on your hands and toes.
  • Keep in mind that the legs, buttocks, and the spine should be in a straight line and the body must not bend. 
  • Hold this position for 30 seconds and repeat this asana thrice a day. 

Stop doing this asana immediately if you feel any discomfort.

Halasana (plough pose)

Halasana or the plough pose improves the circulation of blood in the pelvic region and enhances your flexibility if practiced regularly. Halasana may seem to be easy but you may not be too comfortable to do this asana in your initial days. Let us see how to do this asana.

  • First, lie down on the floor with your legs stretched and arms stretched. 
  • Now, inhale deeply and raise your legs up completely straight making a right angle and ensure that your feet are joined together. 
  • Now, keep your arms stretched on both sides so that you have support.
  • Now, exhale and while doing so, bring your legs over your head and try to touch the floor with your feet. 
  • Hold this particular position for fifteen seconds. 
  • To release, keep your hands on your back for support and lower your body slowly without jerking.

Repeat this asana thrice a day for the best results. Also, do not force yourself to do this asana if you are not comfortable. Stop immediately if you face any irritation on any part of your body.

Sarvangasana (shoulder stand)

Sarvangasana is a relatively easier asana and can be done without much effort. This asana improves the functioning of the thyroid gland and also strengthens the muscles. In this asana, you need to balance your body weight on your shoulders. Let’s see how this asana is done.

  • First, lie down on the floor with your legs stretched and arms stretched on both sides. 
  • Inhale deeply and raise your legs up completely straight, making a right angle while keeping your feet joined. This is similar to halasana which we mentioned just before this.
  • Hold your back with both the hands for support. 
  • Stay in this pose for fifteen seconds. 
  • Now, while releasing, exhale slowly and lower your legs and loosen your body. 

Repeat this three times for the best results.

Naukasana (boat pose)

Naukasana is a very beneficial asana and benefits multiple body parts of the practitioner. It improves the organs to release sex hormones. Besides, it also tones the pelvic muscles, muscles of legs, and the abdomen. Also, unwanted belly fat can be reduced by practicing this asana daily.

  • Doing this asana needs you to lie down on the floor with your legs and arms stretched. 
  • Then, deep breathing is necessary. 
  • While exhaling, lift your legs, arms, head, and chest off the ground together. 
  • Make sure that your head, feet, and arm are in a straight line.
  • Hold it for ten seconds. 

Repeat the asana for three times for best results. Initially, this asana may be tough for you to do but eventually, you will find it easy to do.

Ardhachandrasana (half-moon pose)

The half-moon pose has multiple benefits for the practitioner if practiced regularly. The half-moon pose improves the muscles of the pelvic region and abdomen. Also, performing this asana can improve fertility in men significantly. The steps involved to perform this asana correctly are as follows.

  • First, stand straight and stretch your hands on both the sides at shoulder level. 
  • Stretch your legs up to shoulder level distance. 
  • Extend your right leg farther and bend down on your right, trying to touch the floor with your right hand with the palm facing the floor.
  • While touching the floor, extend your left arm towards the ceiling and turn your neck slowly and look at the tips of your left arm. 
  • Then slowly lift your left leg keeping it straight. Hold it for ten seconds.
  • Repeat the same position with your left leg. 

Do this three times for the best results. This is a tough asana and can take you time for doing this asana perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do we need to perform these asanas under expert supervision?

It is always important to perform these asanas correctly and thus, proper guidance is needed.

  1. How often do we need to do these asanas?

These asanas provide you the best results if you do this for five days a week.

  1. What to do if I don’t feel comfortable doing these asanas?

You should stop immediately and not force your body to do these asanas in your initial days.

  1. Should we do this before or after eating meals?

You should perform these asanas after four hours of taking your meal. It is best if you do these asanas in the morning before breakfast.

  1. Do we need to do warm-up?

You may do light warm-ups like jogging for 15 minutes.


These are some of the most common yoga asanas that you can do to increase your sperm count. Not only sperm count, doing these asanas can improve your overall reproductive health. These asanas can also help you counter erectile dysfunction and can increase your sexual stamina.

Doing these asanas can ameliorate the hormonal secretions and resultantly can improve the fertility conditions in men. Also, performing these asanas regularly improves blood circulation and flexibility in the practitioner.

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